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Safety First. Visibility is Everything.

on Tue, 09/02/2014 - 16:26

Safety in the forecourt environment is crucial. The numbers of risk areas that encase the forecourt environment are endless. Forecourt owners, service partners and equipment manufacturers are constantly pushed and strive to improve forecourt safety for those that work and visit the environment.


The introduction of out of hour’s deliveries to sites, although was a big step forward in truck

On a Journey - Manual Dipping to Automatic Tank Gauging

on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 19:30

Welcome to FAFNIRs newly established blog. The idea of this blog is to share pertinent and thought-provoking information regarding the daily challenges faced across the oil, petrol and adjacent industries, specifically the challenges faced with protecting valuable liquid assests such as diesel and petroleum.

With this blog we want to share with you nearly 50 years worth of industry knowledge and

Thefts and Under Delivery on the Forecourt

on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 19:22

One fuel theft is enough to put a site out of business. Losses of fuel has been one of the most closely followed subjects by forecourt managers, increasing by 30% in the last year in the UK alone.

The first area of losses is when customers drive off without paying. This situation has been one of the main reasons for losses since petrol stations were first established.

How Important is Remote Visibility of Wetstock?

on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 19:20

Working Blind


The idea that management could monitor wet stock on a constant basis, was a pipe dream 30 years ago when the only means to do so was to get the site staff to dip the tanks and telephone the results. One site would be bad enough to monitor, but multi- tanks and multi- sites was virtually impossible.



The ever rising cost of fuel made the management task even more

Contents Measuring in Tall Tanks

on Wed, 02/12/2014 - 19:02

Vertical Tank Measurement Challenges


For decades the need for measuring accurately the amount of liquid stored in vertical tanks has been a major challenge.


The common float switch generally used in the past, whilst a guide as to contents, never gave consistent accuracy; so important now with such high value liquids. This was mainly caused by the free movement of the liquid in the tank.